The spectacular cenotes of Dzitnup

What do you think if we continue to know surprising corners? Cool right? Well, since your wishes are orders for us, today we are going to move to Mexico to tell you about some underground places that leave everyone who visits them with their mouths open.

We are referring to the cenotes of Dzitnup , one of the most visited tourist spots in the Mayan Highlands. And it is that they have been conditioned so that visitors can enjoy them to the fullest. Would you like to get to know them more closely? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below, especially the image gallery, where we show you a lot of photographs of this impressive Mexican place.

What are cenotes?

Before talking to you about the cenotes of Dzitnup, we are going to explain in a few words what a cenote is, since it is not a formation that everyone knows. Thus, it is a karst sinkhole located in a deep cavern that has been created by the collapse of the roof of one or more caves. When groundwater is found here, ponds are formed that can be of different depths. Throughout the planet you can find different types of cenotes (open sky, underground, semi-open …). Although these types of geomorphological structures are present in different parts of the world, often known by different names, they are typical of the Yucatan peninsula and the Florida peninsula.


Cenotes of Dzitnup

Now that you know what a cenote is, we are going to tell you about those of Dzitnup, since they are possibly the most impressive on the entire planet. Located near the Mexican city of Valladolid , specifically 5 kilometers from its center, we find Xkekén and Samulá, two of these geomorphological structures that, in this case, are completely closed. To get to both cenotes, you have to go through the same access, which has been fitted out with stairs carved into the rock. In addition, they share some services: craft shops and typical food of the region, bathrooms, stone paths … To make the experience in this place more pleasant and safe, these spaces have been equipped with artificial lights and lifeguards. In the two cenotes you can swim, although as a precaution it is essential to be tied to a rope. In addition, you can snorkel and dive. The good thing is that everything you need to carry out these activities can be purchased here.

Cenote of Xkekén

The most famous and the first to be discovered is Xkekén. Its name means “ pig ” in Yucatec Mayan, since it was discovered by a farmer who was looking for his pig, which had entered it to drink water. One of its peculiarities is that there is an entrance in the upper part of the vault where the rays enter, reflecting in the water and, thus, creating a really beautiful image. The water is shallow and crystal clear, so many fish can be seen.


Cenote of Samulá

As we told you before, next to it is the Samulá cenote, another underground cavern that surprises for being completely surrounded by stalactites. You will also be surprised by the height of the vault. Like its neighbor, it also has clear waters of a beautiful turquoise blue and is illuminated by the rays of the sun that enter through a hole located in the upper part.

Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can find more images of the cenotes of Dzitnup. Do not miss it!