The Stoclet Palace in Brussels

In Europe we can find spectacular places where we can spend our vacation days and discover corners and buildings full of history and with great beauty. Today I would like you to accompany me, virtually, to Brussels , the Belgian capital and which has many things to offer to any tourist. In this fantastic city you can find the Stoclet Palace , a majestic building that was built between 1905 and 1911 by the architect Josef Hoffman.

The first owner of the palace was the banker Adolphe Stoclet , who was one of the richest businessmen in the country but who soon gave his palace to become part of the history of the capital. This man was a great lover of all kinds of arts, so when ordering the construction and decoration of his house, he told the architect to spend everything that had to be spent since he would not have economic restrictions.

Scotlet not only wanted to build what would be his home, but he wanted that place to go down in history for housing all kinds of sculptures, statues and paintings that would be part of any of the most prestigious museums in the world. Stoclet Palace has a marble façade and a blend of architectural styles that blend perfectly to make it one of the most luxurious palaces in the world.

Since the banker’s death, the palace has been managed by the Belgian government in order to preserve all the works of art that are kept inside and the possibility of opening it to the public as a museum is being studied. In 2009 it was declared a World Heritage Site even though it has been uninhabited since 2002, which was when Stoclet’s wife passed away. Still, going there to see it from the outside is a great choice since it has a very particular beauty.