Tinguely museum in Basel

Basel is, in addition to the city of origin of tennis player Roger Federer , the third city with the largest population in Switzerland and also has the last port for river navigation on the Rhine river, since higher up there are waterfalls that, although they are in the river, prevent its navigation. Although it is not as famous as other Swiss cities, it is very beautiful and receives more or less a million visitors each year. Its strong point is the museums, an essential part of its culture.

One of the most interesting museums is the Tinguely Museum , located in a beautiful setting next to the River Rhine, specifically in the Parque de la Soledad. A building in the middle of nature that gives it a very special touch and was designed by the architect Mario Botta from Ticino. It has a permanent collection with all the works of the Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely , hence its name. There are several spaces in this museum to fully discover all the works, as well as learn more about Tinguely’s life and what he was like as an artist.

Tinguely’s earliest works date from the 1950s and some can also be seen in this museum. His style is framed within the current of Dadaism or meta-mechanics. In addition, you can also see a sample of very important objects in his time such as drawing machines and some motorized reliefs that he made in the 60s. The mechanical sculptures that are exposed have as their main characteristic that they are painted black, something that it can also be seen in the last works of his creative cycle.

The Tinguely Museum is on calle Paul Sacher-Anlage 2 and you can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm. A very interesting option if you are going to be in Basel and want to see different art than what you have seen so far.