Tips for driving in the United States

One of the traveling dreams of a large part of the population, especially that of a young age, is to make a trip in which you cross the United States , whole, driving by car. If you are considering doing so or are simply going to spend a few days there and want to rent a car, you should take into account a few tips for driving in the United States , since not all the rules are the same as in Spain and you can get into trouble for not having all the information.

Not only does the United States have different rules, but in each of the 50 states they have some different rules than the rest, so take a good look at all the signs and if you have any questions, check with the company that rents the car or with a police officer. . Although the minimum age to drive in the United States is 16 years old, most car rental companies do not rent it to you until 24. As for the maximum speed, it depends on the state, but as long as you do not exceed 70-80 miles in none (about 130 km / h) you will not have a problem.

As for the signs, if you see a Stop, stop completely , do not slow down or wait to see if another car is coming, STOP . Those who have priority pass, period, so if one comes faster you get a blow because the other is not going to stop. Also be very careful with signs about turns and changes of direction, as with all other signs. If you come across a police checkpoint, don’t be like a nice "go on, like in the movies." It is something that they take very seriously and you must do absolutely everything they tell you and when they do it. Never get out of the car unless they ask you to, and much less leave if they have stopped you and after a few minutes they still have not come to you, they will go.