Tips for exploring Antarctica

Antarctica is an incredible place. Life without light, light with life … the strange mixtures of this continent make it a place worth visiting . However, there are a few things to keep in mind once you arrive in this part of the planet:

– Do not capture penguins
Make sure to stay calm in front of the cute penguins. Do not try to catch them or do anything to them that could disturb their peace of mind. Do not try to follow them and get where they do, as getting into the water like them can be incredibly unpleasant.
– Meals
If you think that it is difficult to choose foods through the aisles of your favorite store, then you have no idea how difficult it is to get food in Antarctica. There are stations where you can get food, but on the days you use to investigate the area, be prepared. You should not forget fruit and some chocolates in your backpack.
– Body waste
Indeed: you do not have a bar every 5 meters that you can enter to go to the bathroom. The "call of the wild" can come to you at any time so choose a discreet place to do it. Remember not to leave uncomfortable remains that disturb the area.

– The more the merrier
Keep in mind that if you go more than two people, the knowledge of the area will be much more pleasant since there are more things to see (4 eyes see more than two) and more talks to have. If you stay in a shelter in the area, you have to be aware that living together can be much better if we do not think only of ourselves.