Tips for finding the right place to camp

To spend the night in the middle of nature, it is important to take into account a number of factors. It is not enough to go anywhere and settle in. It is convenient that the place where we camp meets a series of minimum requirements. Here is a list of everything that the place where you set up your store must meet:

Security : we have to find a place where we can sleep calmly and safely. It is advisable to avoid camping under places where pebbles, branches or pine cones can fall, for example.

Position ourselves in a high place on the ground : in this way we will avoid that in case of rain the area in which we have placed our tent is flooded or flooded.

Find a place that in addition to being elevated has a natural drainage: despite being above the ground, the drainage will allow all the rainwater that may come to go away by itself. Finding such a place will save us the trouble of having to make one ourselves.

Try to find a place that is protected from the wind: we can look for a good solid rock or a group of trees. If we do not find any of these or other natural barriers, it is convenient that we place the entrance of our store perpendicular to the wind.

Avoid camping near thorny or stinging plants: there are plants that are poisonous and others whose aroma can leave you blind if you sleep under it. To avoid this, ask locals or other campers to identify them and not sleep near them.

Finally, raise the tent on a flat and clean ground : we must avoid places where we slide down the slopes. Of course, you have to look for a flat but risk-free place. It must also be free of rocks, branches and other objects that can bother us when resting.