Tips for healthy sunbathing

As surely many of you are about to go on vacation to a sunny place with paradisiacal beaches , we give you a few tips so that the sun does not affect you negatively.

1- Use a sunscreen of factor 15 at least. Apply it half an hour before going out in the sun. Reapply every two hours or every time you get out of the water. If you have very fair skin, use a factor 30 or 40 protector.

2- Use loose clothing (wide) to let the air flow.

3- Avoid sunbathing from 12 noon to 4 in the afternoon.

4- Use sunglasses with 100% UV protection (not the ones sold in the Chinese).

5- Do not apply perfumes or cosmetics if you are going to sunbathe. They can cause spots on the skin.

6- Avoid the intake of photosensitizing foods before sunbathing. These are contraceptives, diuretics, and anti-inflammatories. They can cause spots on the skin.

7- Children under 4 years old do not have to expose themselves to the sun. If they do, you have to put a hat on them whether it is sunny or not.

8- Drink lots of fluids. Important especially for children and the elderly. You have to drink 2 to 4 liters of water daily.

9- Cloudy days can also cause skin burns.

10- Use more sun protection if you are near reflective surfaces (snow, water, ice).