Tips for long-hour flights

Thinking that you have to make a long flight, for a lot of hours on the same plane, can be a great fear for many people that is difficult to overcome. Today we are going to give you some tips to try to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

• Always place one of the pillows between your lower back (just below the ribs) and the seat. Helps relieve pain afterward.

• Ask for a pillow for your neck if you don’t have yours.

• If you decide to read the newspaper, place your hands on the armrest and slowly twist your torso to loosen the tension in your upper body.

• When you can remove your seatbelt, try taking a walk down the aisle of the plane, bending your knees a little.

• If you notice that your feet begin to swell , lift them a little off the ground and perform twisting movements. This will help you maintain better blood circulation.

• Take a lot of gum in your hand luggage. These will help you compensate for changes in pressure. Try to chew gum whenever you take off or land, this will prevent your ears from hurting.

• Wear loose clothing . Eating and drinking on the plane may make you feel bloated, but if your clothes are loose, you won’t be so uncomfortable.

• Try not to drink alcoholic beverages on the plane. A good bottle of water will also help you hydrate your skin.

• When traveling with a broken bone, make sure you have enough medicines to take along the way. Pressure changes can make your breaks hurt more.