Tips for traveling abroad

Probably in a short time you will start preparing your vacation this year, deciding where you are going to go, the budget you will have and a lot of other things. If you decide to visit other countries, keep these tips for traveling abroad in mind:

– Make sure you have all the documents in order and with enough expiration to go and return without problems. It depends on which country you are going to travel to, you may need a passport when booking your trip.

– Read the information brochures and warnings in the consulate or embassies of the countries you are going to visit. It is recommended that you go through the official website to see if there is something special that you should take into account.

– Familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs in each place you are going to visit, especially if you are going to drive.

– Take two photocopies of the passport in case you lose the original, you have no problem getting a new one.

– Have the consulate or embassy of Spain located in your destination country in case you have any problems and need international help.

Leave a copy of your trip itinerary and a contact form with your family or friends in case of an emergency.

Pay attention to your luggage and never neglect it, not even if they offer to take it to the taxi or the hotel, especially when you are going to make the return trip.

– To avoid scams and theft, if you need to exchange currency, do so only in authorized places.

– If you are going to do a route or excursion in an area about which you do not have much information, try not to attract attention , that is, do not wear jewelry or clothes that are seen to be too expensive.