Tips for traveling to Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the favorite destinations for millions of tourists around the world, since there you seem to find yourself in paradise with its spectacular and endless white sand beaches and turquoise sea. In addition, it is known that its people are very friendly and will try to help you whenever they can. If you are already preparing your summer vacation or are going to take a short break, keep these tips in mind for traveling to Punta Cana as there are some that are very important:

– The official currency is the Dominican peso , but if you carry euros or dollars you will have no problem since they can also be used, although it is clear that everything will always be more expensive. If you can, bring the local currency.

– It is recommended that you carry some medicine since it is not easy to buy them there and you never know, although you do not need to take a medicine cabinet, it will be enough with some aspirin, an antipyretic, paracetamol, a stomach protector (important as you are not used to it to the food of that country) and whatever else you usually need from time to time.

– It is also highly recommended that you take your sunscreen and a cap from here so that your head and skin are protected at all times. The sun there is very strong and even if it seems that it is cloudy it will be hitting you and you can burn yourself.

– For cameras, mobile phones and any other electronic device, in the Dominican Republic the plugs are 110 volts , just half that in Spain. Ideally, you should take a voltage transformer with you, although you can also buy it there. If you don’t want to buy it, you can use the devices in the same way, but being of a higher voltage they will take much longer to charge.

The plugs are not like in Spain , they use the Americans, which are the ones with flat pins. For about € 3 you can get them there if you don’t want to take them from here.

– To make a phone call to Spain, it is best to buy a card and call from a booth, with about € 10 you can talk for 10 minutes. Do not call from the hotel that is much more expensive.

– Finally, do not drink water that is not bottled . The food if you can have all kinds, also there is a lot of variety. The richest are fish and shellfish.