Tips for traveling to the United States

On the official website of the US government there is an interesting section for travelers. It contains a series of tips for traveling to the United States . Here are some of them:

Have on hand all the travel documents required in the countries you are visiting, as well as identity documents to re-enter the United States. It is necessary to present a passport to return to the country by air.

Declare everything you are bringing from abroad , even if you bought it from a duty-free store. This merchandise is also subject to taxes and other restrictions in the United States.

Be cautious when buying anything from street vendors . Be aware that merchandise may be counterfeit or unsafe, and may be seized by Customs and Border Protection.

Note that many foreign-made drugs are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and you cannot bring them into the United States. Also, when you travel abroad, carry only the necessary amount of medication for the trip.

Do not bring any food into the United States without first finding out if it is allowed . Additionally, live birds and bird products, whether for personal or commercial use, may be restricted or quarantined.

Understand that Customs and Border Protection officials may subject you and your belongings to an inspection without a search warrant . This may include your vehicle or personal luggage, and is intended to enforce our laws and protect legitimate travelers.