Tips if you travel alone

In the past, when a vacation or a short trip was chosen, it was always done in company, it was something like a must, but times have changed and it is increasingly common to see people traveling alone, either because they have not been able to go in company, because they live alone or simply because they want to travel alone. If this is your case, keep these tips for traveling alone (or alone) in mind so that you do not have any setbacks:

– Make sure you have the passport and all the documents that you will need in order.

– Leave a copy of your travel documentation with your family and friends . That they know the details of your flight, train, ship or means that you use to travel and that they also have information on which hotel you are going to stay in and if you have a contracted excursion. This may seem like giving too much information, but if something happens to you, they will be able to know for sure if it is you or not.

Do not carry valuables such as jewelry or other objects that attract attention due to their high value.

– Make sure you have medical coverage wherever you are going to travel, even if you have to pay a supplement, do so, it is very important.

– If you are taking any medication, take enough for the trip and a spare in case you lose them. Travel with them in different places, that is, if you go by plane, put one set in the suitcase you check in and another in whatever you carry.

Look for safe environments and use common sense at all times. If you go out at night and notice that someone is following you, go into a bar or stop to talk to someone on the street. Do not go down dark and narrow alleys day or night.

– Find out about the culture of the place you are going to travel to. For example, there are countries where it is frowned upon for girls to show their bodies, so even if you’re not from there, it’s not a plan for you to go with a tank top and shorts.