Tips to lose the fear of flying

The fear of flying is a problem that many people have around the world and that only those who suffer from it can fully understand it, since it is not necessary to have had a mishap during a flight or for a family member to have suffered it. Fear is felt and in many cases there is no explanation. If it happens to you, take a look at these tips to lose your fear of flying , I hope I can help you:

– First of all, think that pilots are exceptionally prepared people to handle a plane, and that if the plane takes off it is because there is total security for it.

– The plane is the safest means of transport in the world , since the technology used together with the extensive knowledge and experience of those who handle them makes it the safest. It is scarier because when there is an accident there are more victims, but look for how many people have died in Spain in a plane crash in the last 10 years and how many in a traffic accident, I assure you that the figure is much higher in the latter.

Share the fear , if you are having a hard time talk to a flight attendant or flight attendant, they will be able to help you, either by giving you something to reassure you or by bringing you to the cabin during the flight so you can see how everything works.

– If you are scared especially when taking off or landing, do not look out the window as that can make you feel worse.

– Flying accompanied helps a lot, especially if it is a person you trust and who knows your problem since it will help you a lot to carry the flight with greater peace of mind.

– Plan well what you are going to do during the flight. Sitting down and doing nothing doesn’t help, so take a computer or device with you to watch a movie, play a video game, or listen to music. You can also buy a magazine, you will see that the flight passes without you hardly noticing.