Tour Mindo Cloud Forest

All over the world, there are vacations focused on so-called Ecotourism and different adventure excursions that anyone can hire. Today we are talking about a very adventurous tour that you can take in Ecuador, it is the Mindo Cloud Forest tour . This area is characterized by the great diversity of its flora (especially orchids), as well as its varied fauna: birds, butterflies, etc.

The tour of the area should start very early, to be able to admire all the species that you will find on your way. Getting to Mindo Cloud Forest by road from Quito will be a trip that will take you about two and a half hours. During the journey you will discover what it is like to go from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere of the planet. It will pass through the imaginary line, called the equatorial line that divides our planet into two hemispheres.
You will soon notice how the vegetation changes and becomes a very dense and very green forest, due to the lowering of the height level. After this incredible journey, you will have arrived in Mindo. This is a small town with very nice people who are less and less surprised by the presence of tourists . From there, you will set off on an excursion to the forest.
As you progress, you will find endless varieties of plants that the natives of the area have used medicinally from generation to generation. You can listen to the incredible melodies of the Andean toucans until you reach an incredible waterfall where you can cool off for a while. Remember to hire the services of an expert guide in the area.