Tourism in Düsseldorf

North of Westphalia is what is the most populous state in all of Germany (with its eighteen million inhabitants). We are talking about Düsseldorf , the capital of the Rhineland. Despite being a modern city, Düsseldorf retains many of its centuries-old traditions . Many of its abundant festivals are closely linked to this tradition. A curiosity about this city is that together with Mainz and Cologne, this is one of the capitals in which the Rhenish carnival is celebrated.

In the heart of this city is the avenue known as the Königsallee , which is also affectionately called "Kö". This city of fashion houses only in its old town no more and no less than two hundred and twenty places, bars, pubs and restaurants. The street with the name of Bolker is known to be the center of the “fun mile”. It is a place where the entire neighborhood is as if it were an island where there is only fun and recreation.

If you are also interested in graphic arts , you should know that this city is quite close to some graphic arts centers, such as the Art Collection, the NRW Forum, the Academy of Art, The Museum of Art, the Kunsthalle, the Palace of Art. But in addition to all this, you can also find various cultural institutions as well as numerous galleries .

One of the most visited places in Düsseldorf is the Düsseldorf Hofgarten , a wonderful garden perfect for walks. The city is undoubtedly a place of great elegance and great attraction for tourists, since it offers many spaces to discover and learn.