Tourism in Uruguay

There are many things you should know before visiting a country, not only places of interest that you want to visit but also a couple of little things that you should know to go with as much information as possible. This time I bring you a few facts about Uruguay that will surely be of great use to you when you are going to travel to such a beautiful country, especially so that you know its most interesting places. It is the second smallest country in South America , it has several islands and its temperatures are temperate, although in summer they are usually much warmer.

In Uruguay there are a large number of tourist destinations, so if what you want is to know the most important things in the country, you will need at least two weeks to be able to go calmly and move from one city to another without haste. If you are going to travel to Uruguay there are essential places to visit such as Punta del Este, Montevideo, Salto, Rocha, Lavalleja or Colonia del Sacramento.

In Punta del Este you have a heavenly outdoor spa. Huge beaches, hotels, casinos and many activities that you can do outdoors. It is the most frequented place by all tourists who visit Uruguay, although there are also many who choose other places on the coast such as Piriapolis and Atlanta. If you are more of a city than a beach, of course I recommend Montevideo , the capital of the country and which is a modern and charming city that has a great cultural diversity that combines wonderfully with the many beaches it also has.

Another of the recommended cities, Colonia del Sacramento , is a very quiet place where you will discover wonders of architecture and monuments from the colonial era, many of them declared a World Heritage Site. If you are going to travel to Uruguay, prepare your passport well and take a copy with you in case you lose it so that it is not very difficult for you to get another one.