Tourism is on the Internet

The travel agencies of a lifetime are losing their space because of the irruption of the Internet . Over the years, the entire business has been transferred to the network, since there is considerable savings that allow offering more attractive prices .

Not so many stores are paid, it is not necessary to hire sales representatives to guide you in the purchase process, there are no costs of electricity, water, telephone … You just have to have a good website with a powerful search engine capable of showing hundreds of results in question of seconds.

Users have become accustomed to buying all kinds of products online; and hotels, rental cars and flights are among the most popular. The trust that exists is total and there is no doubt that it is the most comfortable and effective. You can compare offers from all companies and without leaving home you can buy the trip of your dreams.

Search engines for flights, hotels and rental cars are proliferating at a spectacular speed. That means that only the most useful will be able to survive, although from what we have seen it seems that they all work because there are more and more.


The Internet is always the smartest option, except when …

When it is more delicate to buy a trip online is when you have to go to an unsafe or distant country . In that case it is better to make sure that the holidays will not turn into a headache, since they do not serve exactly for that, but for the opposite. Relaxing is the most important thing and sometimes on the Internet it is difficult to find that guarantee that some agencies that work at street level can give you.

As it is, our recommendation is clear: use the Internet to hire getaways and nearby trips and opt for lifelong agencies if you have to prepare a family trip that involves taking some kind of risk.