Travel to Boston

Why travel to Boston?

It is the best preserved historical area in the US It is not an excessively large city, it is very clean and safe and there are many interesting places to visit. In addition, Boston is also home to the best intellectual and cultural areas in the country, mainly due to all the universities and schools that comprise it.

When will we travel to Boston?

The best months are: April, May, September and October, since the weather conditions are the most suitable for taking long walks. The worst months are from November to March and the months of July and August.

How many days will we take to get to know the city?

It is worth staying at least 2 days to get to know the city quite well. We will try to include the towns of Salem and Plymouth in the tours.

Main attractions:

Freedom Trail : 2.5 miles of train ride that will take us through most of the historic places in the city.
North End : this is the oldest part of the city. It is made up of buildings dating from the 17th century.
Boston Public Garden: beautiful and pleasant historical garden made up of different monuments and lakes.
Cambridge : as in England, this area is linked to the intellectual elite of the country.

Short trips:

Cape Cod : about 3 hours south of Boston, you will find this beautiful area with beaches, nature reserves and historic cities.
Salem : with its traditional houses and chilling witch stories, it has become an essential visit.


Museums: Museum of Fine Arts, Arthur Sackler Museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Fogg Art Museum and the Boston Tea Party Museum.