Travel to Dominica

Dominica became independent from the British in 1978. Its capital is Roseau. A vacation in Dominica will allow you to enjoy a true natural paradise. Dominica is known for being the ideal place to practice snorkeling, diving, trekking, mountain biking, climbing, whale watching, and learning a lot about the environment through ecotourism. The isolated life of the island gives visitors one more reason to want to explore it from top to bottom.

This beautiful place offers a great variety of water sports, for all those who are looking for something more than lying all day in a hammock. Soufriere, south of Roseau, are some beautiful cliffs that you cannot miss. Once all that area has been explored, you can hire a boat to take you to see the dolphins and whales in the area.
The island has some interesting walks and hikes that will make you enjoy your vacation even more. You shouldn’t forget about Trafalgar Falls, Fort Shirley, and Scott’s Head. If you want to discover the waterfalls in the area, visit Sari Sair Niagara and Victoria Falls. Other excursions can be Morne Diablotin , which will take you several hours but you will get to the top of Dominica.
Mountain biking in Dominica is an excellent way to see this beautiful island. Bike tours can take you through the Soufriere Valley and along dirt roads through different lemon plantations. There are sulfur springs, where you can relax after a rather rough but wonderful journey .