Travel to Manzanillo, Mexico

Mexico is a spectacular country where you can find a wide variety of destinations, both cities and towns or natural landscapes. Today I would like to tell you about the city of Manzanillo , one of the most beautiful in the country. It is less than 100 kilometers from Colima, another very interesting city. In Manzanillo there are beautiful beaches washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, so its natural landscape is also spectacular.

Manzanillo is one of the most famous cities in the country, and its name is due to the large number of Manzanillo trees that it has and that mix with white sand beaches, cliffs of great beauty and rocky areas. An explosive mix that makes it one of the tourist references in the area, especially for landscape lovers. Fishing is also very important there, in fact, very important tournaments are held.

Beaches Manzanillo

In Manzanillo there are several beaches of different types, both very quiet for a relaxing bath and others with strong waves for surfing or windsurfing. The best known beaches are La Audiencia, Salahua, Miramar, Las Hadas or El Paraíso. Many of them have palm trees that give a very tropical touch to the landscape, which makes them paradisiacal.


Places of interest

Manzanillo is a city full of history, a place where you can appreciate the footprint left by various civilizations and empires throughout history. Its old town is really beautiful and an essential visit, in addition to its parks and nature reserves, which gives the city a very natural atmosphere. The most important are Peña Blanca and Puente Tepalcates . Monuments, beaches and a great variety of hotels and hostels for all budgets. Manzanillo is, without a doubt, one of the places you must visit if you are in Mexico.