Travel to Naples

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy and one of the most beautiful in the whole country, although this is difficult to choose since, for my taste, practically all Italian cities are beautiful and have a lot of charm. This one in particular has a beautiful bay where a lot of cruise ships dock along the entire Neapolitan coast. A city founded by Greeks and later expanded by the Romans, it is one of the favorite destinations for those who decide to travel to Italy to admire its impressive architecture and great history, present in every corner.

From Spain you will surely find the occasional cheap return to Naples and you can make a weekend getaway since the airport is also only 7 km away. from the city center, so you won’t waste much time on transfers and will give you time to see the main sights. Once in the center, you can visit Piazza del Martriri , Piazza dei Gesú Nuovo or Via San Carlo , all in an area full of huge palaces, churches, monasteries, convents or castles, a place with impressive architecture.

Very attractive is also the Duomo (a cathedral), the San Carlo Theater , the National Archaeological Museum (which has some of the most complete collections in the country) or the Sotterranea Napoli , a fascinating place with many underground tunnels, stairs, corridors, halls … All in the heart of Naples . All this architecture contrasts in a wonderful way with the amount of gardens and green areas that you can find, including one of the main botanical gardens in Italy and which contains one of the largest collections of exotic plants in the world.

To go shopping in Naples one of the best options is the Galleria Umberto in Via San Carlo , a spectacular center with a large number of shops of all kinds, although you will also find things to take as souvenirs strolling through the city center. Accommodation is not very expensive, and you can find cheap hotels in Naples without much effort. To eat, of course, pizza, which you can also find here the best in the country.