Travel to panama

Panama is not only a beach destination, it is also the most cosmopolitan capital in all of Central America . Panama City is open to everyone. First impressions of the city are almost always favorable, especially considering that on its horizon rises an elegant area of ​​steel and glass considered the financial and commercial center.

Today, the downtown business districts are full of elegant bars and restaurants, where it is possible to taste any cuisine of the world. At night, the inhabitants of the area come out to have a good time with their most elegant suits, which turns the center into a true luxury area. It is important that you know the history of the place. Founded in the 16th century by the Spanish, Panama was the first European settlement in the Pacific . Its ruins and its most historical places must be visited by all those who decide to know it.

Panama Canal
Founded in the seventeenth century, the colonial district of Casco Viejo is a marvel. Today it remains very well preserved, and is becoming one of the most fashionable places thanks to an intense urban renewal campaign. Don’t just stay in the center. There are a wide variety of spectacular attractions on the outskirts of the capital. No visit to Panama would be complete without a trip through the Canal .

If what you prefer is to go and discover the natural wonders of the country, do not hesitate to take a special tour of its virgin forests and its impressive beaches lined with palm trees that are less than an hour from the heart of the city.