Traveling through the north of England

It is clear that London is the most important tourist destination in England and that anyone who travels to that country does it first to the capital and does not usually have much time to visit other destinations. It is also highly recommended to visit other places, especially the northern part of the country since there are many cities and towns that have great interest.

Today I would like to write about some of the most interesting cities in the north of England , all of them with a lot of charm and also with a lot to offer to any visitor. These are cities such as Manchester, York and Sheffield, all of them well known, in the case of Manchester very famous, but which are also in the background before the prominence of London.

Travel to Manchester

It is undoubtedly the best known of the three, especially for its soccer teams. It is also one of the English cities in which there are more students from all over the world since it has one of the most important universities in England. Among the most interesting places to visit is the legendary Old Trafford , the stadium where Manchester United plays. The typical, cobbled and very beautiful houses are very striking.

In the city center there are many interesting monuments, shops and pubs that give the city a lot of life. There is a promenade that has a huge Ferris wheel from which you can see the entire city at your feet. If you like parks and natural places, you cannot miss the Peak District , one of the largest and most important parks in the country and where you can see many animals, plants, go hiking and even climbing.

Travel to York

Another very interesting place that you cannot miss on your route through the north of the country. It is a beautiful walled city that was inhabited by Vikings , who left an indelible mark that makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. There are many spectacular stately buildings there, and you can learn all the history in the Viking Museum, which is the most important museum in the world on this subject. You can’t leave York without trying their typical fish and chips.

Travel to Sheffield

The last of the cities that I recommend on this route is also one of the most beautiful and famous in England. It became especially famous a few years ago as the film "Full Monty" was recorded there, a worldwide success. It is connected to Manchester thanks to the Peak District, the natural park that I mentioned earlier and that belongs to both cities. There is a lot of nightlife as it has two universities, making it one of the cities with the most students in the whole country.