Traveling with animals

When this date arrives in which all, or almost all, go on vacation, problems begin as regards your pet, who to leave it with, if you want to take it, etc., something that also happens when you have any trip or if you are going to change city. It’s been a few years since the European Union created a passport for animals , so that they can travel just like we do. In Europe they can circulate freely in any means of transport, so if this summer you are going to take a great trip and want to take your puppy with you, do not hesitate … let him know the world with you! Take note of these tips for traveling with animals :

– The first thing you have to know is that this special passport is only made if it is considered a pet , so it will not be worth it if you want to travel with your snake, iguana or similar.

– The animal passport is issued only by the veterinarian , who has to certify that your pet has all the vaccines and put any relevant information about it or about you.

– Depending on which country you are going to travel to, you will have more or less paperwork, you can find out in more detail about that at any tourist office in that country or at the Spanish embassy. Consult it online on the websites of these institutions so that you have no doubts.

– There are countries that tend to have a lot of problems, such as Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom or Finland, but if you meet all the requirements and your dog is totally healthy, you will not have any problem.

– The issue of accommodation with animals is also somewhat complicated, although as traveling with pets is increasingly common there are many cities that allow pets, especially in European capitals. They are a little more expensive than other hotels, but if you want to travel with your pet, you have no choice. The best thing is that almost all these hotels offer a "babysitting" service in case you need to go out to a concert or any other event.