Tricks to get a cheap cruise

Cruises are one of the most used forms of travel in recent times, and there is nothing more comfortable than being able to get to know different cities and countries while navigating infinite seas. I have never done a cruise, but I worked on one, so I can say that it is totally recommended since it seems to me an incredible way to travel and live a thousand and one experiences.

Although prices have dropped in recent years, the truth is that cruises are still expensive for the vast majority of travelers, so you have to search through all the offers to get the best options. There are many ways to get a cheap cruise , so if you follow the advice that I will give you today you will see that you can get the trip of your life for very little money:

Book in advance

The two most important watchwords when it comes to getting a cheap cruise are to book in advance and not to travel in high season. If you follow both, you can travel for almost laughable prices. There are companies that open cruise reservations up to two years in advance , and you can get discounts of up to 50% or get a 2 × 1 that more or less is the same.


Low season

Being clear about choosing in advance, choose a date that is low season, which can be anything between November and March , more or less. Traveling in June or November can make a difference of paying double, and in reality the cities that you are going to visit are the same all year round, except for beach destinations, but depending on which ones will also be great in winter.

Minor cruises

Today cruises to the Greek islands or the Mediterranean are in vogue, which means they are also more expensive. To get a cheaper one, a good option is to choose countries in northern Europe or those in which the demand is not as high as in the most famous ones. At the end of the day, not only does the place you visit matter, but the trip itself is an adventure, and the cheaper you get, the better.