Tuz Golu, Turkey’s pink salt lake

Tuz golu
Every year an alga colors the waters of Lake Tuz Golu pink. With the heat of the summer, the water evaporates and the plakton that is usually eaten by the algae disappears, therefore, Dunaliella, the algae that causes this pinkish hue, blooms and stains the lake, providing a spectacular natural, beautiful and very unique landscape. It is the second largest lake in Turkey, and it is one of the largest salt lakes in the world. Then we go into this environment, even literally, to get to know better the salty, and sometimes pink, lake of Tuz Golu.

Saline lake in turkey

Whatever the color of this lake, the landscape it offers is impressive. It has an area of ​​1,500 square meters and a depth of up to two meters during most of the year; It is in summer when the water evaporates and the place turns into a salt lake, leaving this specular image of cracked salt flats . You can even walk on the lake …

Tuz Golu 2

A natural spectacle

In addition to supplying salt to the entire country, Tuz Golu is a declared high protection area with its impressive surroundings. The most important pink flamingo breeding colony in the Mediterranean is on some islands located in the southern part of the lake. In fact, the pink color of their feathers seems to also come from the algae that will later stain the waters of this lake. They for eating it. To get there, it is necessary to go through a curvy road surrounded by fields of sunflowers, which leads to this natural spectacle of great beauty and majesty . The lake is flanked by plateaus on all four sides. An essential visit if you are visiting the interior of Turkey. The lake is located in the Central Anatolia region, 150 kilometers southeast of Ankara.

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