Unknown places in Puerto Rico

Visitors to Puerto Rico tend to have a preconceived idea about what they will see there: beaches, a lively nightlife and all the advantages of a first-rate tourist destination located in the Caribbean. But, there are some things that you surely do not know about ozone and they will surprise you :

Puerto Rico
– The Arecibo radio telescope
This technological marvel is found in the hills of Arecibo. The plate measures almost a thousand meters in diameter and extends over about 20 hectares. It is the largest most sensitive radio telescope in the world. If you remember, surely you remember the scenes of the James Bond movie, Goldeneye, where the agent faced the bad guy the (inevitable) confrontation between 007 and the bad guy, takes place here.

– Its large size
Puerto Rico is roughly the size of Connecticut. Considering its population (it is one of the most densely populated islands in the world), it is a relatively small place.

the anvil
– The anvil
It is the only rainforest in the US A visit to the area will allow you to enjoy primitive lands that have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. You can do different excursions to see the impressive waterfalls of the place, you will see endless birds and fauna.

– Learn about its history through museums
Christopher Columbus landed on these coasts and named them part of Spain. This is why many continue to consider it the oldest European city under the American flag. It is also interesting to note that Colón is not that he fell too much in love with that beautiful place: he spent just two days there, declared it part of Spain, and never returned.