Visit Eritrea

Eritrea is a heartthrob country. Not too long ago they wanted to advertise it as one of the best vacation destinations. Now, and overcoming very few of the political problems it has, it is beginning to regain that interest as an ideal tourist destination to travel to for a vacation and forget about the big cities. The biggest problem is that it continues to disagree with its neighboring country: Ethiopia .

Eritrea continues to be one of Africa’s greatest secrets. Not surprisingly, it falls below the radars of many travelers and remains that great unknown. The country’s capital, Asmara , boasts the brightest collection of colonial architectural wonders in Africa . It is incredible to arrive in this city and even find examples of art-deco architecture.

On the coast of the Red Sea , is the sweltering city of Massawa with a great Islamic influence. It is also the starting point for visits to the Dahlak Islands . These islands are very little known and the total set consists of 2 main islands and 124 colliding islets.

Southern Eritrea offers an excellent variety of archaeological sites where you can discover more about its history. The Dankalia wasteland extends to the south, and is considered one of the most inhospitable areas. Here you will find from green oases of palm trees to vast desert plains.

Eritrea is made up of various ethnic groups. Although the country faces many difficulties, it is paradoxical that it continues to be one of the most peaceful, safe and welcoming regions of Africa for the most adventurous tourists to visit.