Visit Siena, the city of art

If you are a great art lover, Siena is one of the cities that you should not miss. It is located in Tuscany, in Italy , and is characterized by being a historical city with a great tourist attraction. Siena is a medieval city surrounded by walls and anchored on three hills. With the logo written on the Camollia Gate that says "Cor Magi tibi Seni pandit" (Siena opens its heart to you more than that door), the city welcomes all who visit it.

In the buildings of the city you will be able to observe the Italian Gothic architecture . As the main and most important example of this, the cathedral stands out above the rest, which began to be built in the middle of the 12th century. Its exterior facade decorated with black and white stripes will remind you of the city’s coat of arms, and under the same church in its baptistery you will find a beautiful baptismal font. You can also visit the cathedral museum.

Another of the most important places in Siena is the Piazza del Campo , which is fan-shaped and where the Town Hall or Palazzo Pubblico (from the 14th century) is located. Here in this square is where a famous horse race is held twice a year in which as many riders as there are districts of Siena participate, each representing a district.

In addition to these two, there are other sites of great tourist interest in the city such as the Piccolomini Palace , the Basilica of San Domenico (in which the head of the beheaded saint is still preserved), the Palazzo Tolomei , the Church of San Francesco (with frescoes by Lorenzetti) or the Pinacoteca art gallery.