Wanderfly, the perfect vacation finder

A new online travel site is becoming a success as soon as it is released. The site itself is called Wanderfly and its way of “working” is as follows: it provides the necessary suggestions to travelers who want to plan their next vacation. The site, which has already received considerable praise from journalists and bloggers who have been able to test it before its launch, focuses on the key questions asked to offer personalized recommendations for a destination.

Users must ask key questions about the amount of money they want to spend, travel dates, vacation theme, nightlife, etc. Before receiving the result that the Web will offer you. Once the questions are asked, the site connects with other Web pages to provide the user with a complete recommendation, with a guide to the destination , flights, hotels and what to do.

Another great features including page is a search option Facebook friends at the destination. When this search is performed, a message also appears on Twitter. While Wanderfly will face stiff competition from user feedback and suggestion sites like TripAdvisor and Kayak, the Web has tried to differentiate itself with a mix of sophisticated technology, multimedia services, and carefully curated content .

The founders of the page, Evan Schneyer, Liu Christy and Pietrzak Cezary, focused on a statistic from Google to start their project: travelers who plan their vacations do so visiting an average of 25 sites during about seven weeks.