Warner Park in Madrid

I love Amusement Parks, I don’t know if because of the attractions themselves or because for a few hours I forget everything and I become a girl who runs around like crazy to have fun. One of my favorites is the Parque Warner de Madrid , a spectacular amusement park that is in the municipality of San Martín de la Vega , in the south of Madrid and about 30 kilometers from the Barajas Airport. As its name suggests, it is from Warner, an American film production company, so visiting this park is reaching a world of action where you can meet Superman, Batman, the evil Joker and animated characters such as Tweety or Silvestre. A marvel, not at the level of Disneyland but with a lot to offer.

It is ideal to go with the family since it has attractions for both children and adults, in the Warner Park in Madrid there will be no one who will get bored, and if you know someone who has done it … go to the doctor! First of all, when you get ready, know that there are several attractions that you can get wet in, but they are really fun and you cannot miss them, so pack some flip-flops and a T-shirt to change into because I assure you that you will get soaked. If you can wear shorts much better, and keep in mind that the camera should be protected for when you get on those attractions. If you can fit a small towel, great. In any case, it depends on the date you go because in winter many of the water facilities are not open.

Once you enter, you can buy a VIP bracelet that helps you avoid queuing at any attraction and be able to repeat as many times as you want without having to wait your turn. If you like strong emotions, you have the Stunt Fall , one of the wildest attractions in Europe and one that really impresses, so I recommend that you see it several times before getting on so that you have the total security that you want, I cracked myself but there were hundreds of brave ones. There are also several roller coasters , such as Batman or Superman, a Hotel of Terror or a Batman simulator that is spectacular and in which you carry out a chase throughout the city to catch the bad guys, super realistic.

If you are pregnant there are many attractions in which you will not be able to ride, in each one there is a poster with the level of risk and the recommendations for height or health. If you like Hollywood, you can take a walk through the famous hills and even take a photo in front of the famous Back to the Future clock building. To eat, you have fast food or table and tablecloth restaurants and western environments, of the future and you can even eat at the newspaper where Clark Kent works. A whole world of opportunities and fun for the whole family and that should be a must if you are going to be in Madrid.