What to see in Bologna

In the north of Italy , between the Sàvena River and the Reno River and near the Apennine Mountains, is one of the best-preserved cities in the entire history of the country. Bologna , a historic city, in which you can enjoy if you choose it as the destination of your next trip, which is the second largest medieval old town among all those found in Europe.

The city of Bologna is also known by the nickname of the Red City for various reasons. This name is due on the one hand to the color that can be seen and most of its facades and roofs. It is also considered one of the central axes of what is the Communist Party of Italy, and apparently it symbolizes the resistance of the partisans to the fascists that took place back in the Second World War.

Regarding the cultural and tourist areas of the city, you should know that in Bologna you can find a significant number of places of great interest. Among which, the old town that we referred to at the beginning of the article should be highlighted above the rest. In it you will find palaces, dynastic towers and arcades, as well as numerous churches among which the one of San Domenico stands out (in which the funeral slab of this same saint is located).

Bologna also has several important and beautiful museums and libraries . One of the most important places in the city is its Pinacoteca, which contains a wonderful collection of artistic works that cover the period from the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation. Places like this and many others you can discover if you visit a city like Bologna.