Wonders that you must visit during your vacations

These wonders of the ancient world become crowded places and wild visits every year during the Christmas holidays , Easter and, unless the weather is unbearable, also during the summer holidays. Suggestion : if you are going to visit any of these sites, consider making visits after dark, since lower temperatures will make your visits more pleasant.

Machu Picchu, Peru

This beautiful ancient wonder built by the Incas on the top of a hill surrounded by unspoiled mountains will leave you speechless. There are no roads to go there, you can only access it on foot or by train. If you decide to go on foot, think that no one will take 3 days from you to be able to explore the entire area in good conditions.

Bagan, Burma

Marvel at the 2,500 spiky buildings that make up the area, spread across 16 square miles of arid lands. Before finalizing your trip, find out about the news that arrives about the area since as you well know they are going through a time of changes and political movements that can alter your trip.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid is the oldest and one of the named Seven Wonders of the World. In the desert, next to Cairo, and a few meters from the Sphinx , the three pyramids of Giza will amaze you by their spectacular beauty. The area has a certain schedule of visits, find out before going.

Petra, Jordan

This huge complex of temples and monuments is unlike any other work of art in the world. You won’t have too much trouble getting into Israel by car. Visit : the south of Petra and the Roman ruins of Jerash (north of Amman).