Discover the Tiber Island in Rome

We all know that Rome is a very charming city, that is why it is one of the most visited in the world. A place full of magical corners and where you will always have something to discover. One of the most beautiful areas that you can visit is the Tiber Island , which is in the middle of the city and is the most striking place on the Tiber River as it passes through the Italian capital.

An island in the middle of a city that is 270 meters long and 70 meters wide. It is very famous because it long ago housed the Temple of Aesculapius , the Greek god of medicine. After its construction, all the Romans visited the island, and today it is one of the most curious and special places in the city. Currently, on the ruins of that temple is the Church of San Bartolomeo.

Lots of entertainment

In ancient times, the most dangerous criminals were exiled to Tiberina, but nothing remains of that and now it is one of the most magical places in the city. It is especially interesting during the summer season as many terraces are set up to enjoy the good weather. In addition, at any time of the year you will find restaurants , bars, open-air cinema and even a small market.


How to get

To get to Tiberina Island you will have to cross the Fabricio Bridge , which connects Tiberina with the Jewish quarter. It is the second oldest bridge in the city, only behind the Milvio Bridge, built in 62 BC. Tiberina Island is the perfect place to spend a day of leisure, especially in good weather as many Romans come there to lie on the shore and have a good time. Although it does not have a beach, being at the foot of the Tiber River is something unique and that gives it a very special touch.