The four best places in Spain to spend Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many families are planning their next trip this season. Christmas is synonymous with sharing with the family and as many know, it is time to reflect and strengthen ties between loved ones . It is a tradition in Spain that families undertake a trip through the different cities of the country to know and receive Christmas in a magical place. For this reason, they embark on their adventure, starting with renting a property in Mallorca or traditionally, in the main square of Madrid. Next, these are the best cities to receive Christmas in Spain.


Mallorca is one of the main Christmas destinations for its traditional-style celebration. This has different markets throughout the peninsula, a large number of nativity scenes and ice rinks for visitors. Likewise, on December 31, the festival " Fiesta del Estandarte " takes place, in which the breakdown of the city caused by Jaime I of Aragon during his conquest in 1229 is remembered. It is considered one of the oldest celebrations in Europe and the oldest in Aragon. Still, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the best beaches in the area.


Every year, the city of Seville decorates its streets, reaching a historical record of 279 illuminated spaces , the small Christmas markets become notable, as well as the ice rinks, crafts, entertainment for the little ones, the carousel of the Plaza de San Francisco and the Prado de San Sebastián.


For lovers of nativity scenes, Córdoba is a traditional destination for its visitors. In Rute, visitors will have the opportunity to observe Nativity scenes created with dark and white chocolate. In addition, large buildings in the city and a reenactment of the birth of Jesus. In the town of Torrecampo, more than 1,200 people take to the streets to decorate and give it an atmosphere like the city ​​of Bethlehem from the time of Jesus .


As of November 22, the streets of Madrid are illuminated, creating a party atmosphere in the city. For Christmas lovers, the Plaza Mayor will be full of vendors selling crafts and gifts that are perfect for loved ones. In addition, in each neighborhood of Madrid they will have ice rinks, perfect for living family moments. The botanical garden will also be a meeting point, as it will have a 1.5 km walk full of Christmas decorations and typical Christmas characters.

In 2020, the world was shocked by the coronavirus pandemic; However, with the arduous task of vaccination, the world has a new opportunity to return to everyday life. Spaniards are characterized by traveling at different times of the year. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 families travel within the country, especially at Christmas.