8 places to travel this Christmas

If you like to improvise you are in luck. I have prepared for you 8 wonderful destinations that you can travel to at Christmas . There is very little left for the holidays to arrive but, I said, if you like to do things without planning too much, it is time to start dreaming about these places that look incredible during these dates.

The European capitals can be a good destination, since the flights are not excessively long and you can find quite affordable prices depending on where you want to go. Although there are other equally cool options. Let’s get to know some!

1 – New York

New York is a must-see city, especially at Christmas. Would you like to experience in the first person one of those films in which the protagonists walk through snowy streets, skate in the open air or enjoy themselves with huge Christmas trees? Then you have to go to New York and feel the magic of Christmas . Its lights, its shop windows, its decoration, its markets… If it is your favorite time of year, it will be a perfect destination.

2 – Disneyland Paris

If visiting the Disney world is already an experience, doing it at Christmas becomes even more unforgettable. Young and old alike will enjoy the shows , the decorations and all the Christmas things that this park has to offer like never before. There is nothing more magical than experiencing Christmas in a story.


3 – Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city in northern France that is called " the capital of Christmas ." You can imagine that it will be a fantastic destination for these days. Here they organize the oldest Christmas market in the country (it dates from the year 1570) but there are more than 10 different markets spread over several streets and squares of the city.

4 – London

London is another European city that I recommend you visit at Christmas. I was celebrating the end of the year two years ago and I have a very good memory of that trip. Take the grapes at the stroke of Big Ben, enjoy the parade New Year London New Year Day Para-of and its illuminated streets, Winter Wonderland (Christmas fair in Hyde Park) and all the lighting in the streets and storefronts is all a gift.


5 – Rovaniemi

Few things will be more Christmas than traveling to the town where Santa Claus lives, Mama Claus and their elves. Rovaniemi, in Lapland is a magical destination that excites young and old and in which, in addition to knowing the work of Santa Claus, you can take a sleigh trip and enjoy the snow and incredible landscapes.

6 – Vienna

European capital with a great Christmas tradition ; in fact it is considered one of the best destinations to travel during Christmas. In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento you will see the most famous market in the city, with many stalls and a huge tree. In addition, in the Christmas Village located on Maria Theresien Platz there are also many stalls and attractions for the whole family to enjoy an unforgettable trip.


7 – Costa Rica

We forget for a moment about snow, cold and winter to suggest a somewhat more atypical destination. But no less attractive for that. In Costa Rica you will experience a different Christmas : maybe in short sleeves and a swimsuit. Enjoy its beaches and nature and celebrate these special days in a different way.

8 – Stockholm

Generally all European capitals are worth a visit at Christmas. Stockholm is one of those that is decked out for the occasion. You can visit the Christmas stalls of Gamla Stan , the Christmas markets scattered around different locations in the city and visit the Christmas Market that they install in Skansen.