The most popular Christmas markets in the world

christmas market
During this time of year, the center of the main cities of the planet dress in their best clothes and, despite the cold, it is a pleasure to be able to walk through its decorated streets. Of course, if somewhere it is worth getting lost these last days of December and first of January, it is for the Christmas markets that we can find in many corners of the world.

There are many Christmas markets that can be found all over the planet, but today we want to show you the most popular ones. Of course, there are so many that are worth visiting that we have had to leave some in the pipeline. Would you like to join us?

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Market
First of all, we want to talk about Christmas in Vienna, which begins to be celebrated on the first Saturday of Advent . In fact, the Austrian city takes the celebration of this important date very seriously, so the Christmas spirit is breathed in every corner. The best thing is that you can find different markets in the capital.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg Market
One of the most popular Christmas markets in the world is Strasbourg, considered the oldest in France. In fact, it has been celebrated since 1570 in the Plaza de la Catedral. Although it is worth visiting at any time of day, it is even more beautiful when night falls, when the lights are turned on.

Copenhagen, denmark

Copenhagen Market
From France we moved to Denmark to talk about the Copenhagen Christmas markets. The most famous are those that take place in the Tivoli Gardens and in the old port of the city.

Prague, czech republic

Prague Market
Also in Prague you can enjoy various Christmas markets. The main ones are those that take place in the Old Town Square and in Wenceslas Square. You will love the small wooden huts where you can find local handicrafts and hot food and drinks.

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg Market
Germany is one of the countries with the longest tradition in Christmas markets, but we are going to stick with two of the main ones. First of all, we want to talk about the one in Nuremberg, which will allow you to immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere with the most pleasant aromas.

Cologne, Germany

Colonia Market
We are still in Germany to tell you about Cologne, which has several Christmas markets. The main one takes place in the Plaza de la Catedral. In them you can enjoy concerts , nativity scenes, gift ideas …

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Market
We continue our tour of the most popular Christmas markets in the world in Belgium, and more specifically in Brussels, where you can find a beautiful market. It is located around the Grand-Place , where you can also see a beautiful Christmas tree.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Market
The last European Christmas market that we are going to talk about is that of Budapest, which is characterized by its wooden chalets, similar to those that can be found in the mountains . In them you can find beautiful pieces of crafts, as well as samples of Hungarian gastronomy.

Chicago, United States

Chicago Market
In the United States it is also possible to find some interesting Christmas markets. One of the most popular is the one celebrated in Chicago, in the state of Illinois. It is inspired by the Nuremberg market, but with the special charm of this American city.

Quebec, Canada

Quebec Market
Finally, we are going to talk about the Quebec Christmas market, a city that takes the celebration of this time of year very seriously. In its more than 100 stalls you will find food , wine and artisan gift items, all with a very European touch.