Christmas markets in Berlin

Christmas time arrives and streets, buildings and houses begin to show their most typical decoration of those dates. In all cities special things are organized to celebrate these festivals, and the markets are especially noteworthy, which are very successful wherever they are held.

The Christmas markets have always been very striking and are a very important attraction in any city or town, giving a very special charm. Today I would like to write about the Christmas markets in Berlin , a city that becomes much more beautiful at Christmas and where you can discover several markets with really interesting objects.

Very traditional

What is most striking about the Christmas markets in this German city is that they are very traditional, preserving the Christmas spirit of yesteryear, which creates an absolutely charming atmosphere. More than 50 markets flood the city at Christmas time, almost all of them in very touristy and spacious places since they are accompanied by festivals, concerts and events to give it much more life.


A month of markets

The Christmas markets begin to be set in the last week of November and are until December 23, some even until January 6. All of them usually close at 10-11 at night, and on some key days they are open throughout the night , as happens in our country on the night of January 5.

In all the city

Berlin is divided into districts, which come to be the neighborhoods in any other city, and in each of the districts you can find at least one Christmas market, although in the most popular there is more than one. Each market has many stalls where you can not only find anything that is usually found in markets such as clothes or antiques but there are also many Christmas objects and local products.


And for the little ones

If you are going to travel with children , you should know that in the most famous markets there are also several attractions for the enjoyment of the little ones. Ferris wheel, horse carousel and even living nativity scenes that are truly amazing.