The most famous Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas is approaching and all cities change their decoration to put special lighting and create special events that only occur during these dates. One of them is the famous Christmas markets, which are very successful anywhere and are packed with people looking for all kinds of things, especially Christmas-themed. Today I would like to tell you about the most famous Christmas markets in Europe and where they are. Take note:

Germany : This country is probably the one in which there is the greatest tradition in this regard, and in Berlin alone you can find about 60 of all types and sizes, in addition to the fact that in each city and town you can find at least one. The best known in the whole country is the Christkindlesmarkt, which is in Bavaria and which is a real spectacle, as well as very picturesque.

Austria : It is another very important Christmas destination and the most important Christmas market is that of Salzburg, which is also one of the oldest (it has been held since the 15th century) and is located inside a spectacular fortress, that of Hohensalzburg. The Altwiener Christkindlmarkt is held in the old part of Vienna and is highly recommended. They are also celebrated in almost all cities and towns.

Czech Republic : There are two very interesting in Prague, the Old Town Square and another that takes place in Wenceslas Square during Christmas time.

Denmark : Highlight the one held in Copenhagen and which is one of the most charming in Europe.

Italy : There are many throughout the country although the most interesting, in my opinion, is one that takes place in Rome and that there are musical performances and many activities.

France : In Strasbourg there is the oldest Christmas market in the whole country and it has been celebrated for 460 years and to which visitors from all over the country always come, who travel expressly to see it.