Swiss cuisine

Swiss cuisine is influenced by many of its neighbors: Italian, French and German cuisine. However, the Swiss also have some unique dishes. Being a country of farmers for a long time, its best dishes are characterized by potatoes and cheese, although we cannot forget delicacies such as chocolate .

There are four linguistic regions in Switzerland, German, French, Italian and Romansh (spoken almost exclusively in the Canton of Grisons) and each of them also offers some special dishes to everyone who decides to visit Switzerland. As we mentioned, cheese is one of the best-known foods in Switzerland. Some of the most famous are:

– The Emmental : yellow in color, of medium hardness and characteristic large holes
– Gruyere: a hard yellow cheese based on cow’s milk
Vacherin : a soft, rich and seasonal cheese that has a pale grayish-yellow rind. This is sold in a wooden box and can be served hot in its original packaging as if it were a fondue.
– Appenzell: hard cow’s milk cheese that is produced in the Appenzell region of northeastern Switzerland.

In Switzerland , breakfast and dinner should be enjoyed with a few slices of bread with butter and jam. A wide variety of breads are available in Switzerland. Tarts and quiches are also traditional Swiss dishes. In Switzerland there are a large number of regional dishes such as zurigschnatzlets which are thin strips of veal with mushrooms in a cream sauce served with rösti.