Eating in Milan

Everyone knows that one of the main attractions that Italy has, in addition to its beautiful and romantic cities, is food. And eating in Milan will not be less, without a doubt its gastronomy will make you fall in love, especially if you are a lover of cheese and, of course, pasta. There are restaurants of all kinds and for all kinds of economies, and the truth is that in all of them you can taste high-quality dishes and a flavor that you will only see in that country, since as much as there are thousands of Italian restaurants in Spain, nothing like eat there to capture that inimitable Italian flavor and aroma.

The gastronomy of Milan has a lot of Tuscan and Sicilian influence, although it also has its own style: here they prefer to cook with butter instead of olive oil, thanks to which the taste begins to be special, in addition to the great originality that the cooks Milanese have when it comes to preparing their dishes. The most famous dish in Milan is risotto (rice), which is usually served with meat. Pasta is also very important, although it is not cooked like in the rest of the country, here it is always baked in the oven and especially filled with meat or cheese. Pizza is also very popular, as in the rest of the country, and in Milan it is cooked in a wood oven, which gives it a completely different and much tastier flavor.

But if there is a food that differs from the others in Milan , that is the cheese, where there are multiple kinds, although the one that takes the cake, and the applause, is the gorgonzola cheese . Delicious. You should also try mascarpone, which is the most used to make desserts or creams. In almost all the Milanese menus you will have meat, which has in its star dish the cassouela, a filling made with parts of the pork that is cooked with vegetables. As for desserts, the typical one of the city is the torta di tagliatelle, a sweet made with eggs and almonds.