Eating and drinking in Central America

Central America has a tasteful surplus, confirmed by its delicious variety of foods and beverages. Some Central American foods may be quite familiar to you (fried chicken in Guatemala, fruit smoothies in Costa Rica), while other foods and drinks are much more exotic (fried palm blossoms in El Salvador or cassava filled rolls in Panama).

1. Costa Rica
Food in Costa Rica is not as different as the food you can taste in the United States. There are some notable exceptions, such as the chilera (a spicy dressing made with pickled onions, bell peppers, and other vegetables) and the tres leches cake (a cake soaked in three types of milk).

2. Honduras
On the Caribbean coast and on the islands of the Bay, seafood is the protagonist of the kitchen. You won’t be able to talk about Honduran food if you don’t finally try fresh fish, shrimp, lobster or snails.

3. Panama
Panamanian cuisine is quite exotic: tropical fruits, carimanola (fried yucca roll stuffed with meat and boiled eggs).

4. Guatemala
Food and drinks are influenced by the Mayan and Spanish cultures. For example, the breakfasts are very simple (eggs, tortillas, beans and bananas), and it is essential that you have a good cup of coffee.

5. El Salvador
A mix of indigenous and Spanish influences make the foods include all kinds of delicious fillings: tamales, empanadas, pastries, and the ever-present pupusa.