What to visit in Bogotá

Not everyone remembers that Bogotá was known as Santa Fé de Bogotá between 1991 and 2000. Later its name was officially changed to Bogotá. The capital also has the honor of being the third highest capital in the world above sea ​​level (8,612 feet).

Despite the negative reviews given by the US government, the number of tourists arriving in the city has increased considerably. If you want to visit the city, here are a few places that you should not miss:
– La Candelaria
It is one of the most famous and historic neighborhoods in Bogotá. The neighborhood is full of beautiful old houses, churches, and educational buildings. Tourists will find graffiti all over the houses, many of these graffiti are true works of art. Tourists can visit the Botero Museum, the Luis Ángel Arango Library (the most famous library in Latin America and the one that houses more than 1 million books), the Colón theater (it is a very famous theater that was held in 1892) and the Gold Museum (it is one of the most important museums in Latin America and houses more than 36,000 pieces of gold).
– Monserrate
Bogotá is a city that is situated almost 8,000 meters above sea level and therefore is bound to have some incredible mountainous regions. Monserrate is a mountain that overlooks the city and stands at almost 10,341 feet. There are only two restaurants on the mountain, Santa Clara (only Colombian cuisine) and San Isidro (French cuisine).

– Santamaría Bullring
Today, it is commonly known as the Santamaría construction. Although there are some bullfights, it is also used for different celebrations.