Cayman Islands: a paradise to discover in the Caribbean Sea

Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands are known to be one of the most important financial centers in the world. However, its islands have many attractions and charms , which are well worth a trip or a few days of rest on their beaches. Not surprisingly, they are located in the waters of the Caribbean Sea , between Jamaica, Cuba and the coast of Honduras. A territory dependent on the United Kingdom that has beautiful beaches and dreamlike landscapes , and even a bit curious.

What to see

The Cayman Islands are made up of three sister islands : Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. The most common is to visit the first one, which is also the largest, as its name suggests. However, they all have attractions and allow some water sports such as diving .

But we go in parts. On the island of Grand Cayman , you can find large mansions such as those known as George Town , where you can see the North American influence that is palpable in the environment.

Also in Grand Cayman is one of the most famous beaches in the world: Seven Mile Beach , which has almost seven kilometers of fine white sand beach , which is accompanied by coconut trees and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. In addition, it is usual that it is sunny 365 days a year. It is an area of ​​resorts and large hotel complexes, although there are also cheaper accommodations on the three islands.

Cayman Islands
Other points of tourist interest within this island is the Cayman Maritime and Treasure Museum –a museum as its name suggests-, as well as Stingray City , which is an enclave on the coast that is ideal for diving or swimming . In addition, the advantage is that it is four meters deep. And it is that there you can see many aquatic species such as stingrays.

Those who want to practice some water sport , especially diving , have other areas within the islands where they can also immerse themselves in its Caribbean waters. Within these enclaves, the Parrot Reserve stands out.

And, if you want to do tourism beyond sports and the beach lounger, the islands have other attractions such as Pedro St. James , in Bodden Town, which is the first national monument of the islands, or the Grand Cayman’s Queen. Elizabeth II Botanic Park , which is a botanical garden with more than 26 hectares where you can see a wide variety of native and tropical flora and fauna.

A must-see also requires the Cayma Turtle Farm , which is a turtle farm for the controlled rearing of specimens for consumption and restaurants. Not surprisingly, the turtle soup is a typical dish of this area.

On Little Cayman Island, you can find charming uninhabited beaches and the beautiful Tarpon Lake inland lagoon. On the other hand, in Cayman Brac , the attractions are concentrated in its caves and caves , which are home to legends about pirate treasures. In addition, thanks to these caves, there are also beaches with a lot of charm and very paradisiacal.

Apart from these attractions, the Cayman Islands are very attractive for its carnivals in the first week of April or May and the Pirates Week, is the Pirates Week held in November. Both events fill the streets with color , joy and animation thanks to the costumes that are made for those carnival days, the music bands and the parades, among other attractions.

What to eat

The Cayman Islands have their own gastronomy. In addition to the turtle soup, which we have discussed previously, it is possible to enjoy other very tasty dishes that make up its traditional cuisine , which is characterized by a combination of Jamaican, Antillean and Honduran influences .

The obligatory food is fish in all its versions, whether they are stews, grilled or grilled. Among the best options are the grouper, tuna, sea bass or shellfish and, of course, lobster .

And you should not leave these islands without trying the coconut dinner or rundown , which consists of a fish stew cooked in coconut milk with vegetables such as pumpkin, peppers or chayote, which is a typical vegetable of this area.