Travel the world looking for chocolate

Do you love chocolate and are you able to find this sweet anywhere in the world? Well, here is a small list of cities, located in different countries, that are characterized by having some of the most exquisite chocolates in the world . Prepare your backpack, some money and travel the world in search of chocolate:

– Flanders, Belgium
Belgians are so passionate about chocolate, almost as much as beer, that is to say, a lot. Belgians are proud of the quality and innovation of Flanders, home to some of the best chocolatiers on the planet. Their passion is so great that in cities like Bruges and Brussels, they have museums dedicated exclusively to this delicacy.

chocolate shop
– Ghana
Tetteh Quarshie sounds familiar to you. Who? This is the name of the man who planted the first cocoa beans in Ghana. The seeds soon germinated and the country’s industry became one of the first exporting countries. If you decide to visit the area, you should not miss the Quarshie farm, where they will teach you everything related to its production. You should also pay a visit to the Tafo Cocoa Research Institute near Koforidua.

– Southern Belize
Long before Columbus appeared in the East Indies, the Mayans and Aztecs of Central America were already using xocolatl and kukuh in a kind of bitter drink flavored with cocoa beans. Today, cocoa growers in the Toledo district, in southern Belize, have regained their renown thanks to Green & Black’s chocolate, whose product production is based on the ancient kukuh recipe.

– Other places you must visit: Venezuela, Bournville-Birmingham (England), Turin (Italy), Hershey (Pennsylvania) and Switzerland.