Tips for traveling to Switzerland

Switzerland is in a strategic place in the center of Europe, in contact with five other countries, which makes it an easily visited place by all those who take a European tour. If you are considering traveling to Switzerland , take note of these tips so that you know how that country works:

– It is important that you know that Switzerland does not belong to the European Union, although it is considered a European country thanks to an agreement signed with the EU that facilitates the laws on residence permits and other things. If you are European, you can stay for up to three months and your ID or passport will be worth it to be able to go. If you are going to be more than three months for work or studies, you must bring a document that proves it.

– As for the schedules, the time is the same as in Spain but their lives work differently. Shops usually close at 6:00 p.m. although some hold until 8:00 p.m., but few. They see the siesta as a waste of time.

– Being a border country, several languages ​​are spoken, although the most widely spoken are English, French, Italian and German. French is the most widely spoken.

– If you are going to drive in Switzerland , there are no tolls there, although there is a sticker called Swiss Highway Vignette that is put where you put the ITV here and that for € 30 you can drive all year round on any road.

– The official currency is the Swiss franc, although in many places they accept euros, although not in all of them and even if you pay in your currency they will return you in Swiss francs, so it is best that you take money from there so you do not have to be calculating the change for your account every time you go to spend something.

– The gastronomy of Switzerland is fantastic and very particular, in addition to having many specialties such as fondues, chocolate or one of the many famous cheeses such as Emmental or Gruyére. There you drink a lot of wine, it is the drink that is most consumed.