Tips for traveling to India

India is undoubtedly the country of aromas and color, or at least all those who at some point have visited or known it deeply, even through television or the Internet, say. Hindus are always surrounded by beauty, whether in clothing, jewelry, houses, monuments … and especially in the Taj-Mahal , the symbol of the country and a place that hundreds of thousands of people visit each year. . Keep in mind the following tips to travel to India so that nothing catches you without having it organized:

– In order to enter the country you need a passport , not only that it is in order but that it has a minimum validity of six months and the corresponding visa. The visa lasts 6 months.

– The currency of India is the rupee , and one euro is roughly equivalent to 68 rupees. In big cities there are many banks that can make you change your currency, although they also do it at the airport and hotels (this option is a little more expensive). In rural areas you cannot change it, so take it from here and you will not have to worry about getting it.

– The official language is Hindi , although they have more than 18 recognized languages ​​and more than 1600 dialects. A whole world of languages ​​but don’t worry as almost all Indians can speak English, especially in the more touristy areas.

– The best date to go is from mid -August to March , since the rest of the year is too hot and it is not highly recommended, although if you cannot travel on another date, then with you wear comfortable clothes and always have very cool water, I do not think that you have a bigger problem.

– It is convenient that you get vaccinated against tetanus, hepatitis A and B and typhoid fever.

– It is highly recommended that you do not drink water that is not bottled, or ice, or eat anything that is not cooked, no matter how much you like fruit. Prevention is better than cure.

– Another thing that you can take with you are medications such as aspirin, paracetamol or something that you usually take regularly. They can be very difficult to find there.