Museums in Düsseldorf

Germany has so many lovely cities and towns that are great to visit on your vacation. One of these cities with a lot of charm is Düsseldorf, of which I bring you specifically the museums that you can visit there, since there are many and they offer you different options. Although there are many, I will tell you about the most important museums in Düsseldorf :

Kunst Palast Museum , also known as the Palace of Art Museum and where one of the most important collections from classical antiquity to the present is located, including paintings, sculptures and photographs. Its facilities are about 5,000 square meters and it also has a library and a theater with capacity for 800 people.

Aquazoo and Löbbeke Museum : it is a natural science museum that also has an aquarium zoo with several rooms where you can see, among others, penguins, crocodiles or sharks as well as being able to see a large collection of insects and mollusks.

Film Museum in Düsseldorf : here you can find current and old film exhibitions. It is very interesting if you are a lover of the Seventh Art. Closed on Mondays.

Hetjens Museum : it is a ceramic museum where you can find pieces that were taken from all over the world.

Museum K20-K21 : here you can find a collection of modern art and also a very important one with 90 paintings by Paul Klee, who was also a professor at the Academy of Art. At the K20 you can find works by Kandinsky or Picasso, while at the K21 you can see great works of contemporary art from recent years. It is also closed on Mondays.

Art in the Tunnel : an original museum that is almost 900 meters underground and where paintings, photographs and video works are displayed. Like everyone else, it is closed on Mondays.
These are only the most important, but there is no doubt that Düsseldorf is one of the most elegant cities in Europe and if you visit it you will discover a great cultural content.