Cancun Underwater Museum of Art

There is no doubt that Cancun is one of the most spectacular destinations to enjoy a vacation, especially if what you are looking for are paradisiacal beaches where you can rest in the midst of a unique landscape. But not everything is lying on the sand to enjoy the sun as there are many activities you can do to make the experience much more enriching.

Today I would like to write about a place that I discovered while watching a Cancun documentary and that I think is really spectacular, as well as original. It is the Underwater Museum of Art , which is in the waters that surround the Cancun National Marine Park and is a true underwater museum in which there are many sculptures that you can see while you take a short snorkeling ride.

Art under the sea

In this original museum there are several collections of sculptures that are true works of art. A space where you can find more than 400 sculptures of different sizes and themes that are the work of Jason deCaire Taylor. In addition to being an artist, he is also the founder and director of that original museum that just opened two years ago tomorrow. A museum that in its first year of life was visited by more than 750,000 tourists, undoubtedly a record figure for being so young.

In order not to harm marine nature , the sculptures were made with a special cement that does not alter the marine ecosystem and that resembles the materials found in natural reefs. The sculptures represent various facets, situations and elements that you can find in the daily life of any person, from an old woman to a children playing, a fisherman, carpenters …

This museum is in waters that are very crystalline and that are not very deep so that anyone can visit it without being an expert in diving. In that area there are also many developing coral reefs and a lot of marine life, so it is worth visiting since you will see several things at the same time.