Goodbye to jet lag

Who has not ever heard of jet lag ? Jet lag is also known as time zone shift syndrome. It is a physiological condition that alters the circadian rhythms of our body, therefore, is classified as a circadian rhythm disorder. The circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological, and behavioral process of our bodies.

But, apparently, this problem of the most travelers is going to end. Leave your sleeping pills at home as a product that appears to prevent jet lag has been launched on the market. The new wearable device aims to reset the body’s internal clock, helping long-distance travelers not to have any problems. Developed by Flinders University in Australia, the device sees the light of day after 25 years of sleep research.

The Re-timer glasses went on sale this month. The new wearable device, available online, is priced at $ 249, and is capable of resetting the body’s internal clock by emitting a soft green light into the user’s eyes . After being exposed to light, long-distance travelers won’t have as much trouble waking up in the morning and being alert during the day.

Re-timer uses LED technology (or light-emitting diodes) that mimics sunlight, stimulating the part of the brain responsible for regulating the body’s internal clock. Before the trip, travelers are advised to calculate how long they will use the device per day and the number of days to achieve the perfect biological fit .